“At Persnickety Travel, our mission is to deliver extraordinary travel experiences”

We at Persnickety like to travel. A lot. We’re also pretty particular about how we travel, as our name might suggest. We meticulously plan and manage your itinerary from start to finish, allowing you to focus on the joy of the experience while we take care of the details.

Our founder, Amy Ferreira, has been a frequent business and leisure traveler for over 15 years. After years spent in top tier management consulting, merchandising and retail marketing, she started Persnickety Travel as a way to dedicate her talents to her greatest avocation, travel.

Amy combines her analytical background with her passion for travel to create distinctive, fulfilling, and individually tailored travel experiences for discerning travelers. After listening carefully to the desires of each client, she researches and crafts a detailed travel dossier for each experience. The style, pace, sites, accommodations and guides are designed to suit the personality and needs of each traveler. At Persnickety, Amy works with travelers to create something extraordinary: a journey that will linger in the heart, mind and soul.

Persnickety’s travel specialties include the types of travel we take in our personal lives, and thus know best: enriching family travel with children, and inspiring cultural travel we undertake to feed our souls. We will leverage our research, passion and precision so you get the most out of your next travel experience.